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About EASIPOINT & Restorations

The basic problem with repointing is that very few people actually enjoy doing it. It is slow and messy that there is very little pleasure or profit-in it.

So the natural temptation for the person doing it is to try to find ways of doing it more quickly, such as not taking out enough of the old mortar or causing havoc with the dust from raking it out then rushing the pointing with an untidy finish.

Which means that with out close supervision, the person paying for the work is never really sure of its quality, or has to spend time sorting out the chaos caised by the way work is done.

At Easipoint our approach is totally different.

Instead we have developed a unique range of power tools to ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar. Then we put the new mortar back in the joint. with our mortar replacement gun.

Our tradesman are trained to use this equipment accuretly and carefully and repointing is their major activity. We cater for brick, rubble and stone and our experience in solving both the technical and operational problems of repointing is second to none.

About EASIPOINT & Restorations sydney